Sensor data & Movies

Sensor data sketch


Our concept worked! Sealing off the bottom with the chamber rapidly created anoxia and elicited known and previously unrecorded behaviours.


 Experiment 2 (17-22 September 2005, Piran, Slovenia)

“Before and after” photos. Dead emerged polychaete (P), irregular echinoid (I) and shrimp (S); anemones (A) extended above sediment; bivalves (B) gaped and with retracted mantle tissue; hermit crab (H) extended from shell, dead; holothurian (HO) initially expanded, then collapsed; Note dark colour of sediment surface.

 Experiment 11 (5-10 October 2006, Piran,Slovenia)

“Before, during and after”. (A) open configuration (frame). Turbid water; particles and mucus (marine snow) on sensors. Anemones (an). (B) 30 h after switch to closed configuration. Clear water under chamber. Emerged infauna: three echinoids Schizaster canaliferus. Brittle stars overturned and dead, anemones extended upward, holothurian Ocnus planci exposed on sediment surface, and three species of decapod crabs (cr) moving to elevated substrates. (C) 58 h after switch. Most organisms dead and decomposing. Exceptions: anemones, O. planci, ascidian Microcosmus sp., gastropod Hexaplex trunculus, and emerged hermit crab Paguristes eremita on Microcosmus opening (bottom right). Sediment black, lowermost water layer murky. (D) Final image 95 h after switch. pH-sensor inserted. Advanced decomposi-tion. Only anemones still alive.

 Experiment 12 (10-14 October 2006, Piran, Slovenia)

“Before and after”. (A) open configuration with ascidians Phallusia mammilata (ph) and Microcosmus sp. (mi),  H. trunculus (he), brittle stars Ophiothrix quinquemaculata (op), serpulid tubeworms (se), sponges (sp), the sea urchin Psammechinus microtuberculatus (ps), the bivalve Chlamys varia (ch), and the fish Gobius niger (go). H2S- and lower oxygen sensor visible in lower left- and right-hand corner. (B) final image 72 h after switch. Enclosed sediment darker than outside. Emerged infauna: three S. canaliferus (sc), polychaetes, sipun-culan worm. Dead and overturned brittle stars, broadly gaping C. varia, retracted tube worms, and O. planci (oc) on sediment. P. eremita (pa), emerged from shell, crawling up lower left sensor.

 Experiment 13 (17-21 October 2006, Piran, Slovenia)

“Before and after” photos of experiment 13.

 Experiment 7 (17-21 September 2006, Piran, Slovenia)
 Note fish enclosed.